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Benchmark DAC3 HGC
BRING THE STUDIO INTO YOUR LIVING ROOM Benchmark converters have become a standard fixture in many of the world's finest recording studios. When Benchmark's professional converters are used in hi-fi applications, studio-quality sound can be enjoyed in a home environment. Enjoy pure music without any coloration from the electronics. Hear the music exactly the way it was heard in the studio, and exactly the way the artists intended. With the DAC3 in your system, recordings that have been produced with a natural and unprocessed sound can transport you to the performance space. Close your eyes and get ready to be transported!
The Benchmark DAC3 family All versions available in black or silver, with or without remote control
Discover the natural, uncolored, analog sound of Benchmark converters.
DAC3 B 2 channel D to A. 32-bit D/A converters, supports 24-bit/192kHz PCM & native DSD conversion. 5 digital inputs. No headphone amplifier.  Price: £1,899 DAC3 DX 2 channel D to A. 32-bit D/A converters, supports 24-bit/192kHz PCM & native DSD conversion. AES XLR digital input. Price: £2,295 DAC3 HGC 2 channel D to A. 32-bit D/A converters, supports 24-bit/192kHz PCM & native DSD conversion. 5 digital and 2 stereo analogue inputs. 2 output headphone amplifier. Price: £2,295 DAC3 L 2 channel D to A. 32-bit D/A converters, supports 24-bit/192kHz PCM & native DSD conversion. 5 digital and 2 stereo analogue inputs. No headphone amplifier. Price: £2,095 Kingscote Audio - Torquay A Sound Destination for Devon and the South West Kingscote Audio, 66 Moor Lane, Torquay, TQ2 8PJ Demonstrations by appointment Demonstrations in your home Call us today on - 01803 313714 Mob - 07773 595356 Email - Please call us on 01803 313714 to book your demonstration Loudspeakers Accessories About Us Amplifiers Home Turntables & Phono amps CD, Streamers & DACs All-In-One systems
Benchmark HPA4 - Flagship reference headphone amplifier and preamp. The HPA4 is Benchmark's newest headphone amplifier. Featuring THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (AAA™) technology. The HPA4 delivers sonic perfection. Hear the music without any contamination from electronic noise or distortion. The HPA4 delivers power, audio fidelity, speed and accuracy over an utterly silent background. The HPA4 features relay gain control, relay input selection, and relay muting. The line amplifier incorporates the finest gold-contact relays available. The gain control has 256 steps in 0.5 dB increments. It also features a balance control. Relay closures are precisely timed to deliver silky- smooth volume changes. No other relay gain control offers this level of precision and performance. The HPA4 includes 4 independent 256-step attenuators: two for the L&R headphone outputs, and two for the L&R line outputs.
THD < -125 dB (0.00006%) SNR > 131 dB, unweighted, 20-20 kHz SNR > 135 dB, A-weighted Frequency Response - 0.003 dB at 10 Hz, -0.001 dB at 20 kHz - 3 dB Bandwidth exceeds 0.1 Hz to 500 kHz Output Impedance, near 0 Ohms Output Noise < 2.45 uV at Unity Gain, 20-20 kHz Maximum Output Power, 6 Watts into 16 Ohms Maximum Output Voltage, 11.5 Vrms into 300 Ohms Crosstalk < -133 dB @ 1 kHz, -115 dB @ 10 kHz (XLR4) The HPA4 maintains less than 0.00006% THD, even while delivering a full 6 W output into a 16-Ohm load.
Technical Data
Price: £3,295
Benchmark HPA4 headphone amplifier
For customers who wish to use the HPA4 as a refference quality line-level pre-amp without the headphones amplifier, the Benchmark LA4 will fit the bill. This is a fully specified HPA4 without the THX headphones amplifier built in.
Price: £2,699
Benchmark AHB2 amplifier
Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifier - The quietist, cleanest audio amplifier on the planet
The AHB2 is the ideal match to the performance limits of High-Resolution-Audio (HRA) formats. Benchmark's AHB2 power amplifier delivers musical details without introducing the masking effects of amplifier noise and distortion. The dynamic range of the AHB2 is 132 dB, making it 10 to 30 dB quieter than some of the very best reference-quality power amplifiers available. The frequency response of the AHB2 extends beyond 200 kHz. With the AHB2, you will discover previously overlooked nuances, dynamics, and detail in your favorite recordings and experience the full potential of the latest high-resolution 24-bit PCM and 1-bit DSD audio formats. The AHB2 drives difficult speaker phase angles and low impedances with ease. Stereo loads as low as 1.4 Ohms can be cleanly driven to full output levels. Most power amplifiers produce higher levels of distortion when the load impedance decreases. In contrast, the feed- forward error correction system in the AHB2 keeps the output clean when driving difficult loads. The AHB2 produces almost no measurable distortion at any rated load condition.
100 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, both channels driven 190 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms, both channels driven 380 Watts into 8 Ohms, bridged mono 480 Watts into 6 Ohms, bridged mono THD 1 kHz, 20 kHz LPF, at full rated output into any rated load < -119 dB (< 0.00011%), Stereo Mode < -120 dB (< 0.00010%), Mono Mode FREQUENCY RESPONSE Better than 0.1 Hz to 200 kHz, +0/-3 dB DAMPING FACTOR 350 at 20 Hz, 8-Ohms MAXIMUM AUDIO OUTPUT CURRENT 29 A peak, per channel, both channels driven INPUT SENSITIVITY Low-Gain = 22 dBu (9.8 Vrms), Gain = 9.2 dB Mid-Gain = 14.2 dBu (4 Vrms), Gain = 17.0 dB High-Gain = 8.2 dBu (2 Vrms), Gain = 23 dB Use Mid-Gain or High-Gain settings for unbalanced inputs INPUT IMPEDANCE 50 k Ohms, normal mode 1 M Ohm, common mode
Technical Data
Price: £3,295